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Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!

Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!
Gone but not forgotten

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Zentangle experiment

Loved the idea when I first saw a sample of this technique, so thought I would have a go.
I used a mini (empty :( ) chocolate box made from clear plastic and doodled patterns on the lid with an acetate pen.
I then randomly dripped alcohol ink into the inside to cover.
I also dripped ink in to the base of the box.

Not too good a photo, the effects are far better seen in real day light.

To complete, I mapped out an image onto white card stock and doodled using just an ordinary black biro. I then used water colour pencils and a koi brush to shade in some colours.
I trimmed the image and then cut into several random pieces, making a Zentangle puzzle.
I won't tell you what the image is, but it is for Hilda (Hilmof) from LOTS TO DO forum to replace the Xmas pressie that RM failed to deliver.

Promise Hilda, it's dead easy to put together!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

This is the first bit of crafting I have done for ages!
I just could not resist this beautiful image of my 2 little grand daughters, oooh! i could just eat them up!
I will put this scrapbook page in a frame and hang it on a wall somewhere?? running out of wall space downstairs, might have to start putting them on the bedroom walls

Monday, 21 September 2009

Altered Book

Inside back cover

Inside front cover

Back cover

Front cover

Well I have finally blogged something! and about time too!
This is my fisrt attempt at doing an altered book (second if you count the one that ended up in the bin)
It looks aweful in the photos (and not much better in the flesh!) and nothing like I originally planned, but isn't that the way sometimes? Anyway, whats inside is a mystery..............if you want a chance of knowing, log onto the LOTS TO DO forum.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Kayci-Mae - a new addition to my family

Kayci-Mae, just one day old and Tyra is already acting like her mother! Bless.

Cuddles with big Sis and Nana

Kayci-Mae O'Neill. Born 17th June at 6.25, weighing 7lb 1oz

Friday, 17 April 2009

Scrap flag card

I made this card using some of the scaps that I have hoarded over the years. Pieces to small to do much with, but kept because...well it might come in handy!

In side
I also managed to use up some sheets of fairy stickers I had, but never seemed to use.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Wedding Cards

I was commissioned to make a wedding card, and was given free reign over colour and design.
I planned the design, and made the one above in shades of blue. I liked the results and decided to do another in a different colour scheme.

This is the second one, in a maroon colour scheme, I didn't like the effects as much as the first one. So tried again with another colour.

This is my favourite, Black and gold, not very weddingy, but heyho! at least the customer has a choice. Which one do you prefer??

Altered Bottle Tops

These are the bottle tops that I altered for a swap on Lots To Do forum. I've never altered a bottle top before, so hope they are OK.

Art Deco Card

This was just a quicky card to get me in the mood for crafting.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Recipe swap

This is my effort for this months recipe swap, hosted by Ang on Lots to do forum. We have to make an ATC, a fat page and a skinny. On them we have to use the colour yellow, a stamped image and 2 brads.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Never to young to start

This Tyra, I helped her (just a bit) to make some easter baskets (note the chocolate around the mouth! she didn't think it necessary to have eggs in her basket!) She is being very dilligent in this photo, sorting flowers to decorate her baskets, but I think she decided the flowers were better off being stored IN her baskets rather than being stuck on the outside.

She was very proud of them anyway and took them home with her to give to Mummy and daddy!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Time consuming, but effective

These are the cards that have taken most of my time! I love the old fashioned images, the sepia ones are my favorite. I have made little box frames for the 3D images to sit in, curled somew contrasting paper around the sides to give it a framy look. I have also added a sheet of acetate to give the images the look of actually being framed pictures. (oop's just noticed, I've not put a sentiment on the front of the top one....another little job for me to do tonight)
Your comment would be welcome.

Another of my efforts

Nothing fancy about this one, but I thought the image and colours would make a stunning effect, what do you think?

Just a few more

Although I'm not a lover of kit cards, these from C and C have made some stunning cards. Not sure what you call the style of the card at the top, but it lent itself quite nicely for the pyramid image. The one above is a concertina style made with mirror board.

Just a few for the stock box

These are a few of the kiddies cards that I made. The one directly above opens out in a concertina and has images on all sides.
The one at the top opens out into a concertina on each side, but one side is shorter than the other, just to make a little more unusual. These were great fun to make.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wedding Planner

I made this wedding planner for my Admin Assistant. She is getting marrried in August next year, and is driving us all potty with her plans! Bless her, she is so excited!

This is an 18 month planner, with a page for each month. On the right is space to make notes and on the left hand side I have made little pockets to put bits and bobs in.

This will be the final month! August 28th 2010. I hope she likes it and finds it useful.

Lots to do Canvas swap

This is the little canvas I made for the canvas swap, bewing hosted by Andrea on the Lots to do Forum.
I aged the cavas first with distress inks, then sprayed with gillmer mists and moon shadows. I then addes a contrasting topper with a stamped image and added skeleton leaves to finish off.

Jacobs ladder and box

Well I thought it was about time I blogged the Jacobs Laddder for the Charity Auction, (truth is, I forgot....only remembered when I came on to blog something else)Sorry!
I made the little box for it and decorated the top with a spare ATC that I had made. I hope it gets some bids!

Anyway, here it is, it's fab, thank you everyone that contributed. There are 26 ATC's all joined together to make a wonderful Jacobs Ladder (it's very long...so you need to be tall to play with it heheheh)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

From Chaos to Order

Discarded CD covers and boxes!
This what happens when I'm bored and can't find any inspiration! I decided to try out some of the craft CD's that I have, but do you think I could find the one I wanted? NO! It became apparent that my CD collection was in a mess to say the least, all in different sized cases and pockets, and all over the place, which made my computer table look a right fright! Something needed to be done!

Organisation! that was what was needed!
So, I set to and made a folder to store them in, dead chuffed with my efforts I proudly placed the CD's into the little pockets in the folder, only to discover, it only held a fraction of them. So...I made another, then another and another (I still need a few more but run out of steam after 4!)

All neat and tidy ready to go back on to the shelf.
How neat and tidy do they look now! all I need to do now is write the titles on the tabs and wayhey! I'll be able to find what I'm looking for in a flash! (Still not found the one I was looking for though!)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hinged ATC swap

These are my efforts for the hinged ATC swap hosted by Claire on Lots to do Forum. The piccy's show them both opened and closed.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

I made these for Beccy's Art Deco Fat Page swap.

You've been framed

I did this frame for the weekly challenge on the Lots to do Forum.
I had this old frame in the shed for years, it was silvered coloured plastic, so I used alcohol inks to brighten it up and then added a piece of encaustic art that I did ages ago. I was quite plesed with the results.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Jacobs ladder

These are the ATC sized cards I made ready to make into a Jacobs ladder for the lots to do Forum charity auction.
The theme for the ladder is Vintage.

Secret card

This is a 'secret card' that i made. The overall card is a slim line size.
When first opened it appears to be a normal popout card, but, the center also opens to reveal another layer.

Multi layer card

Just to prove that Beccy and I did actually make something when we were together, this is one of the cards we made.
The first image is of the cover, the 2nd image is the inside and finally the card fully opened.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blog Challenge

This is my item, an altered matchbox for the Lots to Do blog challenge. The theme was key's. I made the box using a template downloaded from the internet.
I covered the box with TH paper and distressed using ink and crackle paint, while the crackle paint was still wet i stamped into it using stazon. I added a key which I also distressed with crackle paint and inks.
On the inside bit, I again used TH papers and attached a distressed key with a brad and jump ring to make a pull thingy.

Altered bits

I decided that my kitchen widow needed a bit of an uplift, so thought I would jazz up a few bits that generally just sit there looking dull and boring.
The first piece I did was the photo frame, it started out as being a dull silver colour, the soap dispenser was next, that was originally white ceramic. Then came the vase! all were done with alcohol inks, same colour combination and same technique, but they all look a bit different! but look stunning sat side by side on the window sill! (just need to get the curtains back up now!)