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Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!

Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!
Gone but not forgotten

Sunday, 8 February 2009

From Chaos to Order

Discarded CD covers and boxes!
This what happens when I'm bored and can't find any inspiration! I decided to try out some of the craft CD's that I have, but do you think I could find the one I wanted? NO! It became apparent that my CD collection was in a mess to say the least, all in different sized cases and pockets, and all over the place, which made my computer table look a right fright! Something needed to be done!

Organisation! that was what was needed!
So, I set to and made a folder to store them in, dead chuffed with my efforts I proudly placed the CD's into the little pockets in the folder, only to discover, it only held a fraction of them. So...I made another, then another and another (I still need a few more but run out of steam after 4!)

All neat and tidy ready to go back on to the shelf.
How neat and tidy do they look now! all I need to do now is write the titles on the tabs and wayhey! I'll be able to find what I'm looking for in a flash! (Still not found the one I was looking for though!)


crafty creations said...

brilliant caz - and So!!organised well done you

x Hilda

Claireabelle said...

These are fab Caz! Well done for being so organized! (I bet it dosent last long though LOL)

sam21ski said...

WOW Brilliant Caz, by the time you've finished you'll have found the one you were looking for xxxx

Lil Sis said...

there really good sis all you gotta do now is remember to use them. x

Andrea said...

WOW these look great,brill idea

kathleen said...

These look great!

ju said...

Great idea!

Joy said...

Great idea Caz and just what I need! xx

mommabear said...

What a brilliant Idea

Shairon said...

Pure dead brill Caz! Can you come and do mine now? x