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Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!

Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!
Gone but not forgotten

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Zentangle experiment

Loved the idea when I first saw a sample of this technique, so thought I would have a go.
I used a mini (empty :( ) chocolate box made from clear plastic and doodled patterns on the lid with an acetate pen.
I then randomly dripped alcohol ink into the inside to cover.
I also dripped ink in to the base of the box.

Not too good a photo, the effects are far better seen in real day light.

To complete, I mapped out an image onto white card stock and doodled using just an ordinary black biro. I then used water colour pencils and a koi brush to shade in some colours.
I trimmed the image and then cut into several random pieces, making a Zentangle puzzle.
I won't tell you what the image is, but it is for Hilda (Hilmof) from LOTS TO DO forum to replace the Xmas pressie that RM failed to deliver.

Promise Hilda, it's dead easy to put together!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

This is the first bit of crafting I have done for ages!
I just could not resist this beautiful image of my 2 little grand daughters, oooh! i could just eat them up!
I will put this scrapbook page in a frame and hang it on a wall somewhere?? running out of wall space downstairs, might have to start putting them on the bedroom walls