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Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!

Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!
Gone but not forgotten

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Never to young to start

This Tyra, I helped her (just a bit) to make some easter baskets (note the chocolate around the mouth! she didn't think it necessary to have eggs in her basket!) She is being very dilligent in this photo, sorting flowers to decorate her baskets, but I think she decided the flowers were better off being stored IN her baskets rather than being stuck on the outside.

She was very proud of them anyway and took them home with her to give to Mummy and daddy!


sam21ski said...

Aww bless her, how sweet xxxxx And nanny Caz is teaching her everything she needs to know!!!!

Ang C said...

she really looks like she was enjoying herself

you'd better watch out cos she will want to craft everytime she comes round :)

crafty creations said...

Wonderful!!!! she looks so engrossed in what she's doing

x Hilda

Lil Sis said...

Aunty Beccy is really pleased she's following in our footsteps xxx

Joy said...

Aw how sweet she looks xx

ju said...

What a star!x

Mags said...

Aww, bless her! Get her & Sophie together, they will make a right pair of budding crafters!