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Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!

Myce - Shush - I'm asleep!
Gone but not forgotten

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Having a Baby Card

I made this card for my Case Admin officer who is off at the end of next week to have her first baby.
As loads of my colleagues wanted to sign her card and make a contibution to the baby shower, I decided to make it into a concetine tag card, this way there was plenty of room for everyone to wish her well.
I used a Moorhead decoupage image on the front with a CI stamp. For the inside I ripped layers of patterned paper to make the pockets for the tags.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Torso swap

These are my entries for the LOTSTODO forum torso swap. They have a bit of a seasonal flair. A summer flower fiesta, an autumn feast of golden hues and a saucy winter warmer! (I messed up the spring one, so thats been filed in the bin!)

Christmas cards

These are a few of the christmas cards I have been making.
The top one is a bow window with a family scene behind. i used acetate to give the apperance of glass.
For the middle one, I used papernations christmas pet decoupage.
The bottom one is decoupaged using the Hummel christmas collection.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Thank you for my Award

I recieved this award from Kathleen and Mags, thank you so much, it was a lovely suprise.
I now have to nominate 7 other blogs to recieve this award: